A Guide to Giving Good Feedback on UI Design

A Guide to Giving Good Feedback on UI Design

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Some say that design is an uncertain science. That's why everyone has different perspectives on a good or awful design.

But is it true that we are free to argue without any restrictions for UI Design? The answer is yes, but it is highly recommended not to!

Give a clear reason on your feedback

Here are the steps to provide feedback to maximize a UI Design

1. Appreciate Their Design

Tell the designers what's good about their designs. By doing this, we have appreciated their work, so they can be more enthusiastic about doing something better in the future.

For example: "Wow, the navigation is good, by the provisions of material design." "The contrast of the text color is good, and the readability is clear." "The button size is just right, so it's easy to press."

2. What’s Bad on Their Design

Try to tell them what needs to be improved from their design, and don't forget to tell them why their design is 'not good enough.’

For example:

"The content size is not the same, so it looks inconsistent." "Too many typefaces are used, so reading is unpleasant."

3. Give Your Feedback

Give feedback to the designer by the Design Principle. Not only do we give them our opinion, but we also give them the requirements so that the designer can be more open to receiving feedback.

It would be better if we provide reading links related to the design so that they can further explore the components they have made.

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For example:

"We recommend that the button size can be larger because the sweet spot for buttons is 40px-48px high (or in between) according to the average human fingertips [study from MIT Touch Lab]." "The color is not contrasting enough. Try testing using the Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG)."

Feedback is not only input for designers to improve their designs but can also guide them in future design.

Therefore, good design feedback is needed to create a better design culture.


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